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Domestic Violence An Epidemic And The Number One Health...

Domestic violence is an epidemic and the number one health concern in our country. There are more abusers and their victims compared to past years. As a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship, domestic violence is used by one person to gain or maintain power and control over another one. It can be physical, sexual, emotional, and economic abuse and not look the same in every relationship because every relationship is different. This kind of abuse affects people of all ages and sexes, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, education and employment levels. Abuse towards children and the elderly can be violent or aggressive behavior. Thus, there are many types of abuse that one can suffer; awareness of the signs of domestic violence is especially important before getting into any kind of intimate relationship. The warning signs of domestic violence are physical, sexual, emotional, and economic. When people talk about domestic violence, they are often referring to the physical abuse of a spouse or intimate partner. Physical abuse is the use of physical force against someone in a way that injures or endangers the other person. Physical assault or battery is a crime. Many of the victims are hesitant to report this crime because of intimation and threats by the abuser. Then, sexual abuse is a form of physical abuse. This is any situation in which a person is forced to have unwanted, unsafe, or degrading sexual activity. Forced sex, even by a spouse or intimate partner,Show MoreRelatedThe Victims Of Teen Dating Violence And Substance Abuse796 Words   |  4 Pagesthis type of victimization are of increasing public health concern. Several studies identified a significant correlation among victims of teen dating violence and substance abuse. Those committing the act were more likely to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and victims show increasing signs of substance addiction to cope (Temple et al., 2013). Victims of teen dating violence can have inc reased problems associated with mental health, sexual risk behaviors, sexually transmitted diseasesRead MoreDomestic Violence And Its Effects On Society1491 Words   |  6 PagesDomestic violence is a very important discussion subject, because it touches all levels of society, and it is widely spreading across a multitude of social groups. This social issue at present appears in different levels of society, and cannot be ignored by social institutions and people. The issue of domestic violence cannot be avoided because of the unfortunately high rate of abusive behavior, and more and more people being affected by abuse every day. People and social institutions cannot closeRead MoreDomestic Violence And Sexual Harassment1645 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Violence is an ever growing problem across the globe. In particular, violence against women is at an all time high. Although many cases of violence against women are reported, it is in statistical data that half of all cases are not reported. Some are not reported because of fears, relationship severances, and other unknown reasons. The main types of abuse on women are domestic and sexual harassment (Nosheen, 2011). Follow this paper carefully while it takes you on an expedition ofRead MoreChildren Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence Essay1453 Words   |  6 PagesAfter many studies researchers have confirmed that when children are exposed to intimate partner violence (IPV) it significantly effects their social emotional development (Hughes Chau, 2013; Herman-Smith, 2013). This raises a concern; if IPV was to be measured emotional abuse should children be removed from their families. If we consider that the majority of children that witness IPV are under six and would not be abl e to fully understand what is happening we can conclude that they would not beRead MoreThe World Health Organization Defines Violence Against Women1307 Words   |  6 PagesThe World Health Organization defines violence against women as â€Å"any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life† (2014). Aboriginal women are three times more likely to experience physical abuse than non-Aboriginal women, and this was found to be true regardless of whether the offense was spousalRead MoreViolence against Women1684 Words   |  7 PagesVIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN The word applied to illustrate this discharge crisis of violence inside our residences is Domestic Violence (Panda Agarwal 2005). Since the ancient period, domestic violence has been a built-in division of the civilization we are breathing. In this century, it is the viciousness imposed on so many women and girls all over the world: sex trafficking, acid attacks, bride burnings and mass rape (Women 2009). The causative aspects might be the wants to manage a further partRead MoreDomestic Violence1670 Words   |  7 PagesCluster November 2, 2010 Domestic Violence While unemployment rates are increasing, the rise of domestic violence and stress continue to emerge. Due to the economic downturn, domestic violence precedes increasing crime rates. So far evidence and scientific research concludes economic problems manifest domestic violence. Apparently despair and desperation coincides with the ailing economy, and the recession is partially to blame. The correlation between domestic violence and economic stress resultsRead MorePublic Health And National Security1421 Words   |  6 PagesPublic Health and National Security: Assessing Potential Threats Identifying the primary threat to U.S. national security interests is a difficult task given the pervasiveness of multiple threats of these kinds. Indeed, a number of unique threats have emerged in recent years. A variety of non-traditional concerns regarding U.S. national security should become important issues in the years ahead, and issues of these kinds should be incorporated into the overall U.S. national security strategy. One suchRead More The History of Domestic Violence Essay2946 Words   |  12 PagesDomestic Violence is a critical issue negatively impacting women in the world today. There has to be something done to prevent this type of abuse from happening. The results of my research revealed that there are many victims that do not know the type of help that is available and there needs to be major improvement in the way domestic violence cases are handled. Based on my findings, awareness and prevention programs should be implemented in every state in order prevent this type of abuse from happeningRead MoreThe Global Epidemic Of Elder Abuse Essay1743 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Evidence suggests that one in 10 older adults experiences some form of elder abuse, but only one in 25 cases is reported to social services agencies† (Dong, 2012, p. 2151). Elder mistreatment can occur in a variety of settings including domestic and assisted living. Elder abuse includes psychological, physical, and sexual abuse; neglect to include both caregiver and self-neglect; and financial exploitation. With the vast explosion of the aging population in today’s society elder abuse can no longer

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